Monday, 20 December 2010

Noro Yarn and my view - Уникальная пряжа Noro

Noro's yarns are known worldwide for quality and most of all, for COLOR. We would be very safe to say that Noro is one of the 'World's most exciting Yarns'.

Eisaku Noro Ltd. is a Japanese yarn producer. The company is named after its founder, Eisaku Noro

The company produces extravagant and luxurious yarns with unique and innovative color compositions. Their yarn skeins are referred to as Noro yarn.
Noro yarns are most usually made of silk, kid mohair, lambswool, ganpi paper, cotton, cashmere, alpaca, camel or angora. The selection of raw materials has to meet exacting standards set out by the founder. Ecological concerns and the use of minimal chemicals make this brand very eco-focused. The sheer beauty of Noro is that each ball or hank of the exquisite multi coloured yarn is individually dyed to produce a unique palette of subtle shadings and vivid hues.

Designers worldwide have been attracted to the unique look and luxurious feel of Noro yarns and use them in their designs. They include Elle Tricote, McKernan Scarves, Daniella Johannsenova, Gorg & Gorg and Eva Varpio & Annelie Pokorny.

I am glad to share with You - my view on Noro Beauty. I like to create iridescent beads that are suitable for any kind of knitted wear and please for any eye. I use the needle for dry felting.
Рада-рада поделиться своей идеей, как делать бусы из уникальной, экологически чистой, дизайнерской японской пряжи Noro. Специально подобранный состав лучших волокон - шерсть, шелк, ангора, верблюд или кид мохер делают бусы приятными и подходящими к любой одежде зимой и летом. Бусы сделаны в технике - сухое валяние. Сама ношу с удовольствием! Чего и Вам желаю!

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